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ChurchPuerto Rico is 110 miles long and 40 miles wide, or slightly smaller than the size of Connecticut. This Caribbean island has several mountain ranges, as well as a number of coastal plains.

WELS began mission work in Puerto Rico in 1964. Today one WELS missionary resides on the island, and helps the Puerto Rican church train future pastors. Three Puerto Rican pastors shepherd the four congregations there. The Lutheran church there is taking steps to become a self-supporting synod.

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Karen Duchesneau says:

In preparing displays of all our mission fields for our church’s Fall Mission Festival, I was happy to find this webpage on Puerto Rico. Unfortuantely, the link: “Go to the Puerto Rico mission siteā€¦” will not allow me access. Is this a broken link or is there security issues for this mission field? Karen

missions says:

Karen –

I’m glad this information has been helpful in some way. You can find a brief summary about our sister synod in Puerto Rico at – http://www.celc.info/?puertorico01.php

You might also wish to contact Professor Thomas Nass – the Chairman of WELS’ Commission on Inter Church Relations. He would serve as the WELS liaison to the church in Puerto Rico and could answer further questions for you. His address is nasstp@mlc-wels(dot)edu

Please feel free to leave another comment if you need additional assistance.

LATTE says:


Latin American Traveling Theological Educators (LATTE) has worked in Puerto Rico in the past and is currently training a seminary student with online education. Check our blog for more details http://www.latteontheroad.blogspot.com and click on “Puerto Rico.”

Thanks for your support!

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