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New Mexican Seminary Student

Rachel Hartman serves with her husband Missionary Mike Hartman in Mexico.  Rachel writes about a new seminary student in Mexico.

About a year ago, Missionary Mike Hartman traveled to the state of Veracruz, Mexico. There he met a Lutheran who was interested pursuing his studies to be a pastor. That visit kicked off a series of steps that finalized this summer, when the seminary added another student to its program in Leon.

Luis Enrique Casango Hernandez and is from Minatitlan, Veracruz, Mexico. He says, “My desire to be a pastor stems from wanting to serve people, to serve them with the Wosem studentrd of God. That’s my hope.”

Luis first came into contact with the Lutheran church in Mexico when he looked online for other Lutherans. Through the internet, he found Pastor Gonzalo Delgadillo, a WELS pastor who helped him get started on studying the Bible.

Luis studied online with Pastor Delgadillo for more than two years. Then he expressed interest in studying to be a pastor. At that point, Pastor Delgadillo introduced him to Missionary Hartman, and the two met in Veracruz and kept in touch.

This summer, at the Mexican Lutheran Church’s annual convention held in Mexico City, Luis was accepted into the seminary. He is excited about studying, and notes that he is thankful the pastors here have given him such a warm welcome into the seminary. He hopes that through his efforts as a pastor, he can bring even more people into the church.

Welcome to the seminary, Luis, and we wish you God’s blessings on your studies!

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